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5 technical engineers
[job requirements]
(1) Bachelor degree or above, civil engineering, Internet of things and other related majors, postgraduate preferred; communication professional must have at least one year of internship experience;
(2) be able to stay in the company priority; accept short term travel;
(3) have good pressure resistance; be motivated and responsible; have good teamwork spirit; have the spirit of challenge.
[job duties]
(1) be responsible for pre sale technical exchange, on-site work investigation, product and project requirements.
(2) responsible for pre sales monitoring plan and bill of quantities compilation;
(3) responsible for compiling bidding documents, project proposals and industry technical documents;
(4) participate in the program review meeting and technical answering work;
(5) responsible for the preparation of construction organization design and construction progress plan;
(6) organize the project initiation meeting to complete the technical disclosure.
(7) participate in the monitoring plan, personnel management and on-site coordination.
(8) take the lead in completing the two design work of the plan, and output the final plan, checklist and blueprint.
(9) led by project review, output summary materials, carry out internal training;
(10) participate in product performance and software system optimization and improvement.
[workplace] Shenzhen or designated area

Sales Manager 20
[job requirements]
(1) Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical, surveying and mapping, civil engineering, etc.
(2) sex is not limited, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have sense of responsibility and aspirant, thrifty and frugal, have good team cooperation spirit;
(3) have a good ability to withstand pressure; strong learning ability, passion for work, positive attitude and challenge spirit.
[job duties]
(1) to be responsible for the development of the regional or industry market.
(2) responsible for new customer development and relationship maintenance;
(3) responsible for the collection and analysis of regional market and industry information;
(4) perform personal tasks according to departmental marketing plan.
[location] second tier cities or provincial capitals in China

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