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Company profile

菠菜网 www.qiqirendao.com Industry news technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (MAS) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the development of equipment in the field of structural monitoring. It monitors the target structure through sensors to help customers grasp the safety of the target structure, avoid structural risks and prolong the service life, so as to optimize the overall maintenance cost. MAS, founded in January 2014, is committed to the development of various sensors and acquisition and transmission equipment, and combines advanced foreign products and engineering design experience to provide the best products and services for customers. At present, the products are widely used in the fields of Intelligent City, intelligent port, intelligent transportation and so on. It has realized the monitoring of bridge, foundation pit, tunnel, rail traffic, reservoir dam, slope, tailings reservoir, steel structure, high support model and so on. The company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, the frontier city of China's reform and opening up. In Dongguan, it has 10000 square meters production base, all kinds of operation management personnel and 60 production personnel. The company has set up a R & D center in Nanjing and has a high quality R & D team of 30 people, including 2 doctoral degree and 15 master degree.


Our vision, mission and values
MAS is the leader of intelligent structure monitoring equipment.  MAS is a symbol of innovation, quality and success. Lasting leadership stems from our unremitting pursuit of our vision, mission and values.
It has become a globally recognized intelligent structural monitoring equipment supplier with wider thinking, faster innovation and more timely service.
We are committed to creating a more secure world Making the world A Safer place.
Sense of worth
Enthusiasm, cooperation, innovation, trust, autonomy and vitality
Passion, because we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers.
Collaboration is because we know that only a unity of organization can achieve greater success.
Innovation is because our past has become history, and innovation is the future.
Trust is because we never abandon our promise
Autonomy, because in the new era, everyone has to shoulder the responsibility.
Vitality because it's going to start now
Our way of operation
Market leadership has gradually grown to become the market leader of intelligent structure monitoring equipment.
Combined coordination - centralization provides diversified intelligent products and light integrated solutions for individual projects, thus manifests the value and performance of the system.
Excellent operation - improve operational efficiency and continuously improve prices and services to customers.
Innovation, as a global leader, we consistently improve products and effectively improve performance.
Staff - recruit and train the best global elite to achieve sustainable development in all our business areas.


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Vibrating string reinforcement meter, vibrating string surface/embedded strain gauge,

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Bridge, tunnel, highway slope, municipal foundation pit, subway rail transit, reservoir dam,